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Thursday, July 12th 2012

10:27 PM

Litle youngest gay


Related article: Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 16:39:50 i am fool.young +0000 From: Ron Kelly Subject: Holly Matures # 7 Bi-Sexual/incest/urinationWill and Holly slept together the rest of the week,both wondering why they had not done so to start with.The sex between grandaughter and grandfarther was spectacular every night till Friday then she moved back into her room beacuse her parents were to arrive that evening. Holly was full of expectations as she thought back of the sex between her and her dad,she was eager to resume where they had left off.All that day she had a stiring inside her belly,she knew full well what the cause was,the girl had became a sex to her incestual sex drive. Early that evening she heard a car stop and ran out the door expecting to see her parents but it was Mr, Wilkins. "Afternoon cp young pics Holly,you grandpa around?" "He's out in the back forty Mr. Wilkins,he's bring in a calf.""Oh,ok,I can wait awhile or maybe come back later." He was standing in front of her smiling."Would you mind giving me a galss of water honey." Holly turned to go in and said,"Sure,come in the kitchen,theres ice water in the danny young shirtless frig.As she bent over to get the pitcher from the refrigerator,Wilkins slipped his arms around her waist pressing himself against her ass,she could feel his hard cock press her dress between the cheeks,rotating his body as he held her tightly to him. "Oh Holly girl,I can't get you out of my mind darlin."He moaned."Please Mr. Wilkins,I don't have time,my parents will be here young teens movies any minute now." "Won't take but a few minutes honey and I sure need you bad,your driving this ole man crazy just thinking about you."He said,as he continued to grind his cock between the round cheeks of the girls ass. "I really can't right now,please,grandpa might come in.""No he won't I saw him way out there,he was having trouble getting the calf out of the pond.Come on Holly,please,I need some of that sweet, young pussy." By now Holly's sex glands were chruning,she was breathing faster as he began kissing her neck,his hands moving to her tits... massaging them.When he pinched her young russion nipples she melted in his arms then lay over the table as he lifted her dress,pulling down her panties as she felt his hands shaking from excitement.His wet lips teen toplist young kissed the cheeks of her young ass before his tongue licked her crack,the tip teasing her rose bud. "Hurry Mr. Wilkins,we don't have much time."Holly gasped. She hearr him undoing his pants and heard them drove as the head of his big cock young rape thumbs went between her cheeks nudging her anus, his hand gripped her hips and he entered her.'Oh it felt so good,"Holly thought,she always liked the feel of his cock,he was big like grandpa and her daddy and could stretch her open wide. "Oh Holly,Holly,Holly!God how I wish you were mine,I wish you could marry me or come live with me so I could have you sweet,sweet ass all the time.Oh you darling girl young bestiality pics wiggle your sweet little ass honey."Holly began to rotae her ass in slow circles as he pumped in and out of her cunt. She knew how to speed him up but waited till she felt her orgasm begin to start then reach beneath their legs taking his balls hot young guys in her hand massaging them gently as she felt him began to pump his cock faster young sexy children amd faster,then he cried out as he held his cock buried deep inside her colon,unloading his balls in her love hole,his body jerking in spasms.She heard him sigh as he removed his cock,then he was licking her pussy before turning and setting beneath her.She knew what he wanted and began to empty her bladder,releasing her golden stream down his throat. He was still thanking her as she shoved him out the door.She watched till his car was out of sight then saw her daddy's car coming from the other way. 'Oh my god!',she thought,my panties.Quickly she darted inside but could not find then,he must have taked them home with him.She had just returned to the porch when her grandpa met her parents at the car. He was hugging her mom while her dad held out his arms to her.As Holly hugged him back he whispered in her ear."I told your mom on the way up and she's comfortable with the situation." Holly pulled back staring at him."Everything?" "Yes,it's better that way sweatheart,I need you so bad and hated to have to sneak around,forgive me?" "Oh yes daddy.I've missed you so."Her mom smiled at her as they hugged,then she done teen toplist young a strange thing,she kissed Holly on the mouth,holding the kiss longer than a mother,daughter kiss,pulled back and smiled at her before putting her arm around her daughter danny young shirtless as they went inside. The four had a nice visit and loosened up that evening,everyone seemed to be overly happy. After they had there young bestiality pics baths they talked awhile longer then her mom said she thought it was her bed time.She stood kissing Holly good night,then Holly's dad,then Holly recived a shock,her mom took her grandpas hand leading him to the bedroom with her while her husband sat smiling at the young sexy children two of them. Holly started to say something but her dad held his hand up."It's ok Holly,she's wanted to do this ever since she left home,come with me sweatheart."he said,holding out his hand."Can we set outside awhile daddy,it's nice out there." "Sure honey,if thats what you want." "Thank you,you go on and I'll be right out."Holly said. John walked out to the porch and sat in the swing.A few minutes later he saw the kitchen light go out, then the door opened an closed as he saw a form walking towards him.Holly stood in front of him totally naked,John could smell the aroma of his gaughters body as he slid his hands around her cupping the cheeks of her ass, pulling her forward as he kissed her belly button,teasing it with his tongue. Holly smoothed his hair as she sighed,"Oh daddy,I'm glad your here,I've needed you for so long."She whispered.John was shaking all through his being as he kissed his way to her treasure,licking the swollen lips he found,his tongue tasting her juice as he kneeded the cheeks of her ass,the ass he had fucked only last week and dearly wanted to fuck again. He stood and removed his clothing,there bodies joining once again as they kissed,father and daughter swapping tongues.Her dad started to lay her in the swing but she stopped him,taking his hand she led him out into the yard,the soft,cool grass beheath there feet as she lay down and pulled him to her.She loved the feel of the cool grass against the cheeks of her ass as her dad's body pressed down against hers. They kissed wildly,each one moaning loudly before Holly gasped. "Fuck me daddy,oh yes fuck me,be my lover ,hurry daddy,hurry!"John had a little trouble finding his daughters cunt but finally felt his cock slide between those soft,swollen lips and he entered her slowly till their bodies met.As they kissed and kissed, his ass began to hunch slowly,then began to speed up. "Oh Holly my sweet,sweet daughter,how I love fucking you honey,aw baby,baby,baby!"His cock was like a piston,her daddy was fucking her again and she loved it,oh how she loved it!She knew now that although she enjoyed her grandpa fucking her as well as the others,none could make her feel as good as her daddy. "Ohhhh....daddy...."She sighed,as she hunched her ass to meet his cock,drawing her muscle tight like she had practiced and the effort was not lost on her daddy,he loved it and groaned loudly as he gritted his teeth each time she clamped his cock."Oh Holly honey,I love that pussy of yours baby,you know how to make your daddy feel good all over,I want to fuck you forever sweetie."John was realy pumping now.to the point of almost knocking the air from his daughters lungs. "nn..noo..ww..wwwww...Hho..llyyyyy....NOW BABY!!!!!!!!He gripped the cheeks of his daughters ass till she felt the pain as the two of them climaxed almost as one. "Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....eeeeekkkeeee!!!!!!!!Both father and daughter lay exhausted,fighting to catch their breath as Holly felt their cum running from her pussy down the crack of her ass and wondered if her daddy would lick it up. John never disappointed her as he sucked his daughters pussy,then moved to the crack of her round ass,sucking on her cum soaked rose bud. As John replaced his cock inside her cunt they lay kissing as he told her again and young porn asia again how much he loved her.Finally Holly said,"Let's go to bed daddy,we have all night to catch up." There was no doubt in Johns mind that he was going to do a lot of catching up also. As the two quietly went up the hall,they heard the bed in her grnadpas room squeeking like mad as the head board bounced against the wall. John opened the door just a enough for them to look in mature young lesbian and they saw Will mounted on top of his daughters body,his big cock ramming in and out just like her daddy had done to Holly's.They closed the door and went to Holly's room,her moms old room which held the same bed her grandpa had fucked her mom in when she was a child. Holly enjoyed her daddy three more times City young before they finally both were spent and the two fell asleep in one anothers arms. Holly woke early,laying there thinking of the night before as a thought young girls touching ran through her mind and she smiled to herself. She wondered which one would get her pregnant first,her daddy or her grandpa,or it could even be Mr.Wilkins or MIke,who knows,but she had made up her mind she wanted to have a baby,a girl if she could,so she could raise her for her daddy to enjoy as grandpa had enjoyed Her.Holly could not believe how radiant her mama looked the next morning,she had a lovely glow to her eyes and smile as they enjoyed breakfast. After lunch them men went to town and Holly and her mom sat on the porch talking. "Are you happy mama?" "Yes Holly,I am,very happy,thanks to you." "I never done russian young nudist anything mama." "Yes you did child,you brought me and my daddy back together again.""Like me and daddy,huh,"Holly said,smiling. "Yes baby,like you and your daddy."Her mom said,then took her daughters hand leading her back inside and to the bedroom. Colleen slowly undressed her daughter then herself and the mother and gaughter stood before one another naked as Colleen took her in her arms and they kissed. Her mom then took Holly's head in her hands pressing her mouth to her mamas breast,as the girl sucked her mamas big nipple like she did as a baby.Holly could feel the sexual heat from both there bodies as they layback on the bed,her mamas tit still in her hungry mouth as they interlacing their legs, pressing their pussies together.Holly had never experenced an act like this and it instantly excited her as she pressed back with her own pussy. The mother and daughter contiued to rotated there cunts as they kissed madly and her mama sucked her young breasts. Holly had not sucked a breast since she was a baby and eagerly went after her moms."Oh mama,I'm gaaa..oonnaa. cummmm.Oh..Mama!" Colleen held her daughter tight as she to enjoyed an orgasm, feeling her daughters body shaking against her own. It never stopped there as Colleen quickly went to eating Holly's pussy,turning them into a sixty nine postion so her daughter could eat hers also,both womens tongues going crazy as they ate one another out,again making each other climax.Later they bathed together,laughing and really enjoying one another as never before. After lunch the men went to the barn to look at grandpas stud horse as Holly and her mom cleaned the kitchen. Later they sat on the porch awhile then Holly suggested they walk down to the barn where her daddy and grandpa had gone.When they entered the barn door their was no one around and Colleen was just about to call Johns name when Holly grabbed her arm placing her finger to her lips. She had heard a sound,there it was again,a grunting sound and whispering. Taking her mamas hand she led her dwon the breeze way to where her grandpa stored hey for daily feed,the place wher Mr Wilkins had fucked her the first time.She could hear her daddy's voice,kind of gasping now and then for air as he spoke. "Damm Will,I had forgot how good that cock of yours felt." "Been a long time John,I know I've missed that ass of yours to,I sure do love fucking the girls but a man needs some guy sex now and then to,huh.""Got that right Will,shove that cock in faster,pound me hard,ah yes,that's it come in my young kids masturbating male cunt baby,come in me Will!!!!" The girls could see Will holding Johns legs high as he rammed homw again and again before thorwing his head back and empting his balls up his son-in-laws male cunt. When Will was through coming he backed off,knelt and took Johns cock in his mouth and proceeded to give him a hot mind blowing blow job as Holly and her mama watched.When John cried out shooting his wad in his father-in-laws mouth,Colleen began to slowly clap her hands as Holly joined in,bth women smiling as the shocked men jumped up. "Oh lord,how long you girls been standing there?"Will said,gasping. "Long enough to enjoy the show daddy,how long has this been young big boobs going on?" "Well,guess you got us honey,John and I have been erotic young angels doing this right after your first year of marriage,you angry?""No daddy,I'm not angry,but you two young lollita links have a hell of a lot of making up to do."She laughed. That night the men made up for everything showing the girls they still loved them. They just mostly lay around sunday morning and after lunch the men went off to visit some of the neighbors. Holly and Colleen had lay down for a nap but Colleen found she could not sleep so she got up slowly so as not to wake Holly and went out on the porch swinging for awhile.She could see the horses from wher she sat and smiled as the stud tried to mount the mare. It enterested Colleen so she got up and strolled down to the barn and stood in the huge door way leading to the corral. As she looked out the stud had finally mounted the mare and she saw his long cock disappear in her body as the big guy hunched. She was surprised just how much seeing them aroused her,it never used to when she was a girl.On impulse she quickly lifted her dress over her head and removed her bra and panties as she stood massging her tities and pussy,sexual heat engulfing her intire body as she young russion watche the studs cock pumping the mare and was shocked as the though went through her mind as to how his dick would feel inside her and if she could take such a monster. Colleen was in deep sexual thought when two arms went around her and wet lips kissed her neck.The arms were strong and the nudist young porn first then she said was,"Ummm,daddy." "No Holly,it's not daddy,it's Wilkins baby,oh sweetie,when I saw you standing her naked it was more than these ole eyes could stand." Colleen could fell young teens movies a hard cock pressed against the cheeks of her ass as whoever it was hunched against her. "Holly,Holly Holly,I'm gaonna steal you away,I fotta have you sweet girl."Colleen young girl pictur was about to inform him she was not Hollt but caught herself and let him do as he wished. She was instantly pushed forward over the bale of straw as a gig dick slammed inside her pussy,hsi balls slapping aganst the gay young stars inside of her thighs. "Oh Holly honey,yourt on my mind every minute of the day sweet girl,I can'e get enough of you baby,aw shit darlin your young pussy is out of this world."The man had his hands uner her,each one full of a tit as he squeezed and fondled her big nipples. Colleen was still able to watch the stud fucking the mare and saw him as he shot his load inside the mares pussy before moving from her with that monster cock hanging down.Good lord!It must be eighteen inches long! That picture and the hard cock inside her sent her over the edge as she had a mind boggling aorgasm and slumped forward as Wilikns shot her cunt full of cream."Lord Holly,I'll swear you get better and better,your going to be the death of me sugar." The he was kneeling behind her and she felt his mouth over her fresh fucked pussy sucking up the mess he had made. Afterwards he had turned some how and had his mouth covering her intire slit as he mumbled to her. "Piss for me Holly,let me drink your taste stream honey."Colleen's eyes opened wide as she discovered what he wanted her to do,but she comloied,releasing her golden netar down his throat,listening to him moan as he gulped and swallowed. When he finally got up she stood and turned. His eyes widened as she saw his mistake. "COLLEEN!" "Hi Mr Wilkins,are you surprised?"She said,smiling."Oh lord girl,I'm sorry.I didn't know....." What?That I wasn't Holly?You don't mind young teen shower having sex with my daughter but your sorry for fucking me?"Colleen said,smiling,she knew the man was beside himself. "Hell...I don't know what I mean."He stammered."But I can well see where Holly got her looks as well as he sexual attraction.""Thank you Mr Wilkins,I'll take that as a complement." "I did enjoy having you though,I wanted to do that when you were a girl,always did have trouble keepin my dick hid when you were around. "Like now you mean?" "Wilkins had forgot his pants were around his ankles as his cock hung down in front of him.Colleen had taken hold of his dick and it began to grow almost instantly,not bad for an older guy. "Easy girly Or we'll be back at it again."He said,licking his lips. She bent taking it's head in her mouth,she had not sucked a cock much and the idea fasinated her as she tasted her juice mixed with his cum."Aw euro young sex god honey,your asking for it."he threatened. As she smiled and contiued sucking his cock something warm nudged her ass,it was the stud sniffing hr pussy as he whinied. "I think Sky wants some yout pussy."Wilkins said laughing. Colleen raised and turned quickly seeing that the stud's cock was slidinfrom his sac fairly fast.She was shaken up a bit but the sight od it had her speel bound as she stood licking her lips,with Wilkins cock still in her hand. She seemed mesmerized as her hand went out,taking hold of the studs cock as he pranced around. "Easy girly,that stud is worked up."Wilkins warned.The look in her eyes sent chills down his back as he realized what she was wanting. "You like to have some of that girly?huh?I can help you out if you do."He said. Colleen never ansewered,but bent down holding the big cock in her hand and kissed it's head. "Oh honey,don't get to close be carefull darlin."Wilkins led the stud to the stall door and tied his harness to the ring then got some hobbles putting them not only on the rear hoofs but also the front,there was young teen shower no way the horse to jump or kick. Colleen was still standing there staring at the beasts cock,her eyes open wide as Wilkins moved a bale of straw,laying it ontop of a floor dolly beneath the studs belly then covered it with a horse blanket.Sweat was running down the mans face as he licked his lips and withdrew a tube of lube from his bibs before guiding Colleen beside the stud,helping her lay on her back beneath his huge belly. The stud begin to snort,the muscles in his flanks starting to ripple as his cock bobbed up and down. Colleen never straying from the huge piece of meat. Wilkins moved her and the bale forward till the head of the studs cock toucher cunt,parting the lips open wide before Wilkins moved her forward even more,watching as th cock disappeared inside at least five inches."Raise your ass girly,your going to have to do the work,he can't."Wilkins told her. What he said must have regerstered as Colleen hunched her ass upward causing another three inches of dick to fill her. The joy of it must have went straight to her brain as she gripped hand fulls of the studs sides and made a growling sound as she began hunching her ass wildly.Wilkins moved her forward more as he began hammering his cock,the erotic sight before him having it's effect on him also. Colleen was rolling her head from side to side as she hunched her ass up and down rapidly.She had well over half the studs cock young big boobs in her pussy now and was striving for even more when Wilkins heard her name being called. "Mama,you in here?Mama,is that you?I think she's in herer daddy."Holly yelled.Wilkins dashed out the back door before he was seen.just before Holly and her daddy came in. "Oh my god!Colleen!" They were so dumb founded the two of them just stood and stared as Colleen hunched her ass like a wild woman as he body shook young kids masturbating while she made guttal sound before her ass flopped down on the bale beneath her,the studs cock popping from her cunt as his load load over her pussy and belly just before a big gush of piss shot from his dick,drenching Colleens intire body with warm,golden horse piss.John puuled her from under the stud."Holly,take her to the house!" Holly stood there in a trance as she looked at her moms naked body and the huge cock hanging from the studs belly. "HOLLY!"Her daddy yelled again,making her snap out gay young stars of it and she threw the blanket around her mama,taking her to the house. Once inside Holly drew a tub of water and Colleen skooted down in the water and soaked as a big,happy smile lit up her face. "Mama." "Yes Holly?" "What was it like?" "It was pure heaven honey,no man has ever made your mama feel that wonderful.............. Yes, undeniably pure heaven Holly.............
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